What Makes a Good Business Analyst And The Role It Play To Every Company

Why use a business analyst
There are some business people who are not sure why they would need a business analyst.  This can be a hard decision to make.  The easiest way to determine whether or not  a business could benefit
from a business analyst is to decide what the business wants to accomplish.  If there is a problem that can not be pinpointed the use of a business analyst could be beneficial.

Not all business analysts have to be called in from the outside.  There may be a qualified individual in the organization which can meet the qualifications of a business analyst.  It may be someone in the IT department.  It may be someone who is familiar with the workings of all the departments.  A quick search of qualified applicants can determine this issue.

The business analyst can help with formulating a plan of action which allows the stakeholders to pinpoint where a problem exists.  Narrowing down the problem can be handled by the business analyst through research and data.  Once the problem has been uncovered, the business analyst will be able to determine which is the best course of action.  A project report can be written outlining the steps needed to reach a pre-determined solution.

The good business analyst will be able to act as a liaison between departments.  He or she will be able to speak with each department.  At times the department teams may falter or second guess themselves.  The business analyst will be able to motivate the teams.  He or she will be able to point out the strengths each individual has.  This will allow the teams to aggressively approach each task at hand.  The qualified business analyst will be able to express the needs of the stakeholder and the end user in such a way for the IT department and others involved can understand.

There are times when stakeholders and the development team are on the same page but each is interpreting something different.  The qualified business analyst will be able to set the wheels in motions which allow both stakeholders and development teams to understand what is needed.

Unless the business analyst asks questions and listens carefully, the entire scope of the project can be placed in jeopardy.  It is up to the business analyst to weigh all the facts and do the research necessary for everyone to understand what is being requested.  Once the teams know what is required of them the business analyst can keep each team informed of the others performance and completion of set tasks.

In the long run the business analyst can be an asset to the company for many years.  He or she can build a rapport with each team and department within the company for future project programs being developed.  As new technology becomes available the business analyst will be able to inform stakeholders what may need to be done to implement it into the workings of the company.  Outside sources will be more easily obtained with someone familiar with the project programs and what is necessary to accomplish the task.  The experience of a business analyst will show when it comes time to lead a meeting to explain what is happening.  The vision of a company can be designed by the qualified business analyst.


What Makes a Good Business Analyst
There are several key points one needs to understand before deciding whether or not to become a business analyst.  You may be qualified to do the job you were hired to do.  Yet is it the job you wanted to do?  Some analysts find themselves locked in a cubical writing reports all day, only to find the report was not used or even read.  They realize they are in a dead end job going no-where fast.  This is not the usual dream one has when becoming a business analyst.

A good business analyst is creative, a people person.  Someone wanting a more hands on approach to business and problem solving.  The good business analyst will look for opportunities to grow and learn.  He or she will listen attentively to what others are saying.  The good business analyst is like a walking encyclopedia about the company he or she works within.  They will know people from every department.

The good business analyst may be a part of the IT team or department.  He or she may even be able to produce usable code for practical remedies to small tasks.  He or she will understand technology and the jargon that leaves the common layperson confused.

What makes a good business analyst is the ability to listen to what is being said and hear what is not.  The good business analyst can read into the meaning of stakeholders words.  He or she can understand the needs being expressed when the stakeholders do not always know what they are.  The good business analyst will be able to determine if the requests from stakeholders or end users are viable.  In some cases they are not and it is up to the business analyst to inform what can be done versus what is wanted.

The good business analyst will have information available about the latest technology.  He or she will know the formulas or programs used by corporate peers.  The good business analyst will be able to recognize trends and differentiate between them and fads.  They will understand the end user market.

The good business analyst will understand people.  He or she will be a motivational person who can gear people into wanting to complete a project.  The good business analyst will be able to point out someone's strengths and help to build on those.  He or she will recognize when a person is having a conflict and try to help resolve the issue.  He or she may even be able to create teamwork within separate departments to meet a goal or deadline.

The good business analyst commands respect because he or she gives respect.  You will not find the good business analyst spreading rumors or gossiping.  He or she will squelch the first signs of trouble and stand up for what he or she believes in.  There is no room for garbage in the office.

The good business analyst is a visionary,  a creative thinker, and innovative. He or she is fun to work with and carries a positive attitude.  Very few people do not like the good business analyst.

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