List Of Other Types Of Student Loans

Not all loans for college are obvious. There are two sources for financial aid that are often overlooked. Each of these will be discussed in more detail below. Parents tend to plan their children’s future well before the child is even born. Although mom and dad just know their child will be a genius and will be offered full
scholarships, they also try to be ready just in case that isn’t quite the case. To that end, many parents will have life insurance and annuity plans in place that will mature in time for their offspring to take advantage of the financial rewards.

By taking out a permanent life insurance plan, it can be paid for in a certain number of years. This type of insurance can then be cashed in and the payout can be applied to the child’s educational needs. Parents will also cash in this type of policy and invest it in an interest bearing account thus allowing for a growth fund that will grow as the child ages. As with retirement funds below, some companies allow loans against the face value of the policies that can then be applied to educational expenses.

One or both parents may also set up a retirement fund, such as a 401k. After a period of years, these monies can be taken out, pre-tax and applied to a child’s education. Some company retirement funds allow the employee to just borrow against the fund for educational purposes. For tax purposes the Roth plan is also a possibility. To get a clearer picture of how either of these is best used, one should consult a tax professional. By knowing ahead of time the ultimate purpose of this plan, the professional can help direct the individual into setting up the proper deductions.

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