Shortage Of Teachers, Can You Teach German There's Work For You In Germany

Secondary schools have great difficulty finding teachers German. A survey of DUO Education Research published Monday found that nearly half of the schools with a job had a lot of trouble to fulfill that. There is very little supply of suitable teachers, school leaders say.

Examination DUO Education Research, commissioned by the German Action Group, 321 head teachers of secondary schools asked about the position of the German section at their school. The results are presented on the Day of German. Concerns about the shortage of teachers is the most striking outcome.

Almost three quarters of the school offering German school has the past 5 years wanted a German teacher. Almost had a lot of trouble finding a suitable teacher German half that. In 9 percent this did not work at all. Almost all schools indicate that there is to a limited range of suitable and appropriate candidates, in particular for the superstructure. As writes one of the school: "They are almost impossible. A major concern ". More than once was the only one or even no candidate on a vacancy. "No one responded! Eventually I accepted a student of Teacher Education ", is one of the answers.

Some schools switched to an agency, others drew a native speaker unauthorized or unskilled one of their own teachers in. Schools are forced to accept candidates who do not actually meet. It does no good box. "With a good teacher depends The Learning German," said one of the school leaders.

Deficit reduction

The survey confirms what Kerstin Hämmerling of the Germany Institute Amsterdam, one of the partners in the German Action Group, hears more of school. "There really should be more competent and skilled teachers are German," she stresses. To ensure that existing projects would -for example with native speakers and side instromers- should be evaluated, she thinks. "I would welcome it if examines what works and what does not, so that successful initiatives can be replicated in other regions. hopefully investments than produce more. "

At almost all schools German is currently offered in secondary education, the survey shows. The number of schools offering the course is less about the same as the number that the box offers more accurate. 21 percent of the school estimates that the interest of pupils decreases for the profession. 16 percent correctly estimated that there is a growing interest among students.

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