What Are Education Loan, School Loans, Loans For Students, And How To Apply For Student Loans

There is a myth that only the rich can afford to get a college education. This could not be further from the truth. The sad truth is that in today’s highly technical and fast paced society, a college education is a vital necessity. Even the simplest of tasks is becoming computerized to a point that it takes specialized training to operate the equipment. By the time most middle and high school children reach graduation, even a janitors position will be in need of a two or four year degree.

When one mentions a college education the first thought is some big foreboding university and four years of either drudgery or partying. There are, however many new fields of study opening up that require only an Associates degree. But, even though these are earned at community colleges, there are still expenses to be paid. Most of the two year programs are at colleges that are accredited. This accreditation allows students to apply for the same grants, scholarships and loans that would be applicable to the four-year institutions.

Student loans are monies that are borrowed at a lower interest rate than traditional loans. Many of the requirements for loans other than college require good credit ratings and often some form of security. A student loan is the only loan one can get that does not required the person to be gainfully employed. The repayment period is also not started until the person completes their education or leaves school for any other reason. First The step in getting student aid is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) You must do this every year. Complete Entrance Counseling. Complete Loan Agreement There is an automatic six-month grace period.

Depending upon the type of loan the interest may or may not accumulate from the release of the funds. Some of the loans go directly to the college or educational institution and others are awarded to the student directly.

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