Is Time You Turn Your Hobbies Into Moneymakers

Like we are knows some hobbies that begin as a labor of love may evolve into a full-time careers, while others are more likely to provide just supplemental income. Either way, if you can make some cash from an activity you love, it’s a good thing. No need to dull yourself nowadays even if you are a comedian you
are welcome just don't allow laziness to rob this opportunity from you. And If you hope to turn your hobby into a large business or a small one, go at it like a professional very very important. Again try and research your field thoroughly, interview others who do the work to learn how they got started, and make a thorough business plan this i believe will give you edge over those that are already into the business.

But please before anything whatever you do, try not to touch retirement savings to get started.Below are some of simple hobbies you can turn into business:

Jewelry and crafts
Well even without being told you will agree with me that the rate people go after jewelry and crafts nowadays is something else. In an era of mass-produced products, a premium is placed on one-of-a-kind items made by human hands. the online marketplace for handmade candles, wreaths, container gardens, jewelry, cards, soap, bath salts, pot holders, toys, clothes and other crafts, gives artists a way to dip a toe in the water. Set up a “shop” there or just assess the competition, prices and viability of selling your products. I personal have a-lot of people i know that are into this very business and they are all doing fine. One thing is that they started it like hobby and today they can boast of wonderful things from this very hobby turn business.

My own sister use to do this as a hobby but today if you need her service on this you have to pay. And not just any amount inn-fact the amount you agree on depends on the kind of service you will get. Though she have wonderful services to offer but the price also is an important here. Now  A treasured recipe for fudge, toffee, shortbread, jam or scones has been the inspiration for many a business that began with small batches made at home. 

Like Erinma, for one, started a multimillion-Naira company with a catering business run from a (professional) kitchen in her basement. Bear in mind here that health codes often require goodies sold for public consumption to be made in a commercial kitchen. But don’t let that stop you. Restaurants and commercial kitchens often rent space to other bakers who use the kitchen in off-hours. So i believe you don't have any excuse not to start now.     

Child care
Personal  am still somehow surprise of how we got here. Some years ago we use to spend days from one friend house to another. And our parents never for once charge anybody anything. But not so nowadays in-fact time factor is even included nowadays. Let say if your home is the place where children love to gather and you adore entertaining and teaching them, your love of little people could become a day job. 

Whether you start your own day care or buy into a franchise business, the demand for quality child care will remain strong as long as parents work away from home. Indeed nowadays child care is a highly regulated business, for reasons of safety and health. Be prepared to submit to police screening and inspections and apply for licenses. Just to tell you what’s involved and why the hobby turn business is a serious one. And one thing i love about this very business is that ''Is something you can do anywhere''.

Writing and editing 
Yes with the way blogging of thing is increasing and media houses are also multiplying everyday there is need for that your hobby. Whether you agree or not dozens of avenues beckon would-be writers technical writing, advertising copy writing, or even ghost writing and blogging are a few nonfiction pursuits and, of course, now writing fiction, from literary fiction to bodice-rippers.

Freelance writing opportunities abound online. Just that the problem with this job is that they rarely pay much. No matter how good you are, more training helps and inspires writers. Now to make sure you stand out try the many free classes at Elance University, training arm of UpWork (formerly Elance), a large marketplace where freelancers, including writers and editors, compete for jobs.

I believe with this tips on how to make money from your hobbies you should believe able to get yourself together now and start something for yourself good luck.

                                                                                                                To be continued.

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