How To Start Poultry Farming With Wonderful Opportunities

Few days ago i wrote a post on How to make money supplying agriculture. Indeed even without being told you will agree with me that there are wonderful and great opportunities in agriculture. So today am going to focus more on Poultry farming: Indeed Poultry farming not only in Nigeria but worldwide has
transformed into a techno-commercial industry from the status of backyard farming since three decades. Poultry farming if you ask me is the fastest growing sector in agriculture and farming business globally.

The annual growth rate is 8-10% in egg and 12-15% in the broiler industry. Because of the increasing population and worldwide demand for food protein, people are now beginning to realize the potential of providing food protein as a basic need.

Many countries have adopted poultry farming business as a micro, small or medium enterprise with women empowerment as a model for rural economic sustainability. Poultry farming includes the activity of raising various types of domestic birds commercially for the purpose of meat, eggs, feather and etc production. The most common and widely raised poultry birds are chicken.

The chickens that are raised for eggs are called layer chicken, and the chickens that are raised for their meat production are called broiler chickens. Global report have it that UK and the USA consume more meat and eggs of chicken than any other countries of the world. Among the livestock ventures commercial poultry farming requires only less capital investment and it is same time has in added ensuring quick returns.

Basic Skills You Need For Poultry Farming:
First i must say here that Technologies training including theoretical and practical both are essential for poultry farming business especially when you are directly dealing livestock. You need to be very careful about the feed, disease, and entire farm environment. Getting properly trained before starting poultry farming business is highly advised.  Going into poultry farming without a practical knowledge of the venture is a direct invitation to failure. It is very important for the would-be entrepreneur to know how to keep and maintain the chicken or birds in an acceptable manner.

Different Methods Of Poultry Farming:
Worldwatch institute described that, “about 74% of total poultry meat and 68% of total poultry eggs produced from intensive poultry farming method”. Intensive poultry farming method is a highly efficient system which saves, land, feed, labor and other resources and increases production. In this system, the poultry farming environment is fully controlled by the farmer. So, it ensures continuous production throughout the year in any environment and seasons. Here we put some methods of profitable commercial Layer Poultry Farming and Broiler Poultry Farming. Below are different types of poultry farming.

Deep Litter Poultry Farming: In the deep litter system, the pullets are placed on a bare floor that has been covered with sawdust. Careful consideration is given to the method applied in feeding the birds. Removing the dropping usually poses no problem. You can either pack off the entire sawdust with the dropping or cover the dropping with fresh saw dust. Normally, the day-old chicks are housed using the brooder method before they grow up. They can be transferred to the battery cage when they approach their egg-laying period or left in the deep litter floor.

Battery Cage Poultry Farming: The battery cage housing allows for the droppings to fall on a separate platform directly under the cage. It is uniquely constructed to make feeding and drinking quite easy for the birds. The birds feed on a marsh, which has been properly compounded. The marsh should be given according to an expert’s advice. In some cases, inappropriate feeding can lead to excess fat, which can result in mortality. In fact, defective feeding can lead to low egg production. In fact, it has been experienced in the past where a whole stock of birds produced no egg, due to wrong feeding.

Market Opportunities For Poultry Farming:  The market for poultry products is quite enormous. You should be able to identify both the immediate and potential markets for the products before starting the business otherwise the management might not be able to sell the products at the appropriate time.
You need to find the ways to reach your customers and this would be done by employing the suitable marketing techniques.

Before you start the business, you should really consider the marketing strategy that you would use to break into the market. Which to me even in Nigeria here is not that hard. So what more are you still waiting for, start now and become part of those that feed the world.

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