How To Make Money Supplying Agriculture Produce.

I believe even without being told that you all will agree that there's nothing that fetch money like agriculture. Forget the fact that our government nowadays pays little or no attention to it, but indirectly they do, since no nation under the face of the earth can develop without agriculture input. Well then if
that is the case don't you think is time you start thinking of how you can make money in agriculture by ways of supplying the produce to exporters and local manufacture companies, permit me to say here like every other business is not always that easy at the initial stage, but again the good thing about agriculture produce supplying is, you don’t have to storage the produce. All that you need to do is, you source for the supply contract, you then source for the produce and then supply it.

As a produce supplier, you can make your work easier by working hand to hand with a sourcing agent. Agriculture produce supplier make money in agriculture due to the less price of produce they got from farmers, As a produce supplier you buy the produce directly from the farmers at farm gate price and supply to exporters or local manufacture companies as an agreed price. Sound too good to be true indeed it's.

Maybe you are still not getting the point permit me to explain, first. Let take sesame seed as Example; sesame seed can be source from farmers at #105,000 per ton and then resell to exporters at #120,000- #140,000 ex-work. Also, if the exporters demand it to be supply to he or her warehouse then the cost of logistic and others minor expenses will be included, Here the supply make about  #15,000-#35,000 as a profit per ton. too small right? But not as you see it.
Let’s look at it this way, you got a client that need just a truck which is 30 ton and you make #15,000 per ton.
Now let’s check it #15,000*30 =#450,000 of pure profit per truck.
sesame is agriculture gold seed which demand is very high and at times you will never meet up with the demand, some client will demand a supply of 100-10,000 ton if not more.

same apply to the supply of cashew and peanut, or even maize. Like i said earlier you don’t need to buy and storage, but you get the supply contract before you source for it and then supply it. In a second thought, you can buy at the beginning of the season and store it while you or your sourcing agent source for buyers. doing that will give you at least 80-100% profit depending on how serious you are.
For cashew , i suggest you buy and store while waiting for buyers for resell.

Example of Cash Crops That you can Trade On ; Sesame seed , Cashew Nut, peanut (groundnut ) Moringa seed,  maize, ginger , soybeans, etc. What more are you still waiting for, today i believe is that dy you have being waiting for why not start now.

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