How To Make Money Paint, Sculpt, Draw, Print and Make Art

Nowadays 98% of people are no more interested on certain things like drawing, printing, and sculpt that can keep them busy and at the end of the day help pay off bill. We are all busy competing for the same job with little or nothing to write home about. I laugh sometimes when youth of nowadays looks at this job's with one cornea of their eyes as if is yesteryear's works that are no more relevant today. yet if you

are to check very well you will discover to your greatest surprise that 98% of this youth were send to school or train with money from this kind of works or job's. Anyway without wasting much time, instead of joining others to compete for a job why not consider what other crafty creations you could sell. From screenprinted T-shirts to framed prints or comic books, find a creative product that works for you.Think outside the box here. For example: Sculptor Aaron Lewis creates and sells latex monster masks for $60 to $400 each, depending on the design.

Package Your Knowledge

Are you great at something? Know a lot about a particular program, activity or hobby?
(The beauty of creating a digital product to share your knowledge is that when people ask for advice, you can point them in the direction of your ebook or course) — where your knowledge is nicely packaged up and ready to go.
And the biggest bonus? You create these products once, and earn money from them with every sale. Be it Sculpt, Drawing, Printing, Printing, Creating CD/VCD, or even Ebook.

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