Earn Extra Cash Doing Graphic or Web Design Work

Nowadays is very hard to see somebody who doesn't know one thing or the other concerning the internet. Anyway that's not why am here today. Am here to teach or do i say bring to my fellow bloggers how the can make extra cash doing Graphic or Web Design Work. The big question is Do you always know
which colors complement one another best? Can you put together an amazing book cover or website homepage in 20 minutes flat? Is creating a beautiful blog header something you can do in your sleep?

Not only are you my hero, but you could be making serious cash from your skills.
Make sure your website or blog clearly states that you’re available for hire, and share examples of recent projects. If you can’t link to projects you did for your employer, mock up some designs on your own time.

Ask friends for referrals, and consider offering your services on a marketplace like Upwork. For more ideas, check out Mashable’s post on showcasing your freelance graphic design work.

How much can you make?
Designers with a few years of experience and solid portfolios can earn $100 per hour, but designer Jessica Hische recommends avoiding hourly pricing in a detailed project pricing analysis in Fast Company.

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